Pressed Juicery

Client: Pressed Juicery

Head of Brand & Creative Direction: Andrei Najjar
Art Direction & Design: Chiaki Samonte
Editor: Ryan G. Hills

I worked directly with  Andrei Najjar, Pressed Juicery’s Head of Brand, on redesigning the highly loved and established juice company‘s brand book. The layout design embraces a less is more look and feel and utilizes natural ingredient-focused imagery juxtaposed with real humans on the go, in motion, which all ties back to the brand’s “You. Powered by nature” tagline. 

Brand Book Layout & Design

In-Store Signage
Natural and real ingredients here only. No added sugar. Less is more. So it only made sense to let the product and functional benefits speak for itself, against a white background.


Brand Sizzle

The brand book’s updated look and feel helped provide general art direction and guidelines for the next ask, a new brand sizzle, created by editor, Ryan G. Hills, who beautifully brought all the visuals to life.